Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Due to popular demand...

Every time I try and get away from blogging to focus on writing another book I get a slew of emails asking me to keep putting them out.

So, with that in mind I'm going to get back into this on a regular basis and post at least once a week.

If there's any subject you want me to deal with in particular let me know and I'll get on it.

In the meantime I'll give you a run down of all the projects I've got going on (in a lamentable way to make excuses for my not posting on a regular basis).

So, the Paladin DVD series has been shot and the first few have been edited and are in the can.  Expect a Christmas/early in the new year release according to everyone at Paladin.  (great people to work with by the way).

The Krav school is going gang busters and we're moving yet again.  The new location will be bigger and a bit easier to find and we shouldn't here quite the same amount of noise from our neighbors.

The shooting school aka Defensive Shooting Solutions, is up and running.  Our first big class will be held Dec 28th and there's another smaller one before then that's semi-private.

The online University for my Combatives is about to relaunch.  We got hacked by some jackasses in the Middle East and the rebuild is going on right now.  Should be up and running again right before Christmas if all goes to plan.

Working on my newest book which is going to be on hard skills as opposed to the soft skills emphasized in "How to be Your Own Bodyguard."  Hoping for a Spring release.

Just back from teaching a seminar for my brother Frazz in KC.  Great bunch of people training up there...if you get a chance to drop in and work out with them you should.

Launching our kid's anti-bully martial arts program in the New Year...stay tuned for details.

Also, look for our teacher training program and expansion of Warrior's Krav.  Kansas City is our first and Indiana looks like being next.  Again, keep watching this space for more information on both the programs and school locations.

Finally, working on a new central web site where everything will be in one place; i.e. upcoming seminars, books and reviews, shooting class info, blog entries, TV/film work, the Paladin stuff, the online University, and so on.  Going to be very cool.

Alright, look for an self protection themed blog post in the next few days...

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